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The Fondation des Ressources Alternatives du Sud-Ouest is a registered charity: (no.: 10183 5650 RR0001).

It is possible to make a business, personal or In Memoriam donation by cheque or credit card.

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Thanks to your donation, the FRAS will continue to:

  • Foster the development of children with intellectual disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders
  • Promote the children’s social integration
  • Support family environments
  • Enhance the children’s quality of life

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy at all times. All personal information and contributions are kept confidential. The Fondation des Ressources Alternatives du Sud-Ouest does not share its distribution lists.


Marc-André Perras (Saint-Philippe)

“I would like to thank you for the money you gave me to go to summer camp. I enjoyed my experience at Camp Papillon. I was able to spend time without my mother, meet new people and make new friends.

I had a wonderful time and learned new things, such as being more disciplined towards myself and others and more autonomous. But I especially had fun, and my mother got a well-deserved rest. She was able to take some time for herself, knowing that I was safe at Camp Papillion.

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to experience such great things. Thanks to people like you, we can go on dream vacations! I hope to be able to go back to a camp just like Camp Papillon.

Thank you, donors.”

Nathalie, Emy's mother (Pincourt)

“Thanks to the FRAS, I have been able to send my daughter to our city’s day camp with her friends for the past five years. She must be accompanied at all times by a qualified person, and the cost alone is equal to my entire salary for the summer months. Without the FRAS, my daughter could not have such a wonderful summer with her friends. Thank you so much!”

Josée and Daniel, Ismaël's parents (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

“Ismaël is 12 years old. He is severely autistic. We have received financial support from the FRAS for the past five years. We are also parents to two other children (Tristan, 14 and Fania, 10), and these funds help us through the summer. We are very lucky to have found someone to take care of Ismaël while we are at work or out with Tristan and Fania.

Thankfully, there are foundations like yours. It is not always easy to live with the financial strain that comes with an autistic child in addition to our daily hassles. Thanks to all the donors.”