The foundation / History


In 1984, SRSOR launched the first phase of the deinstitutionalization of Campus Franklin. To fund the project, the organization sought a collaborator with a charter that authorized it to build, rent, sell and finance buildings. The Fondation des Ressources Alternatives Salaberry was therefore created.


In 1990, in collaboration with SRSOR, the FRAS drafted an integration plan for 63 Franklin residents, 52 of which were placed in residential environments.

The FRAS was a wise choice, since its status made it possible to access funding that would have otherwise been unobtainable. Thanks to the support of several stakeholders (SRSOR, Agence de The santé et des services sociaux), the FRAS was granted four reduced-rate mortgages for residences and financing for operating deficits in addition to land donated by Barrie Memorial Hospital. Today, the integration project is complete, and the FRAS does not receive funding from SRSOR, except for reimbursements for vacancies in order to preserve its exclusive access.


The first campaign was held in 1994. A Wine and Cheese was organized to raise funds for families as part of the respite/supportive care program.


The Foundation celebrates 25 years in existence and highlights this important event in a remarkable manner: the creation of a website, introduced a new logo and the launch of a second fundraising activity. The FRAS challenge is a family fun walk/run event which raises money in order to provide a respite home in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.


Thanks to the numerous editions of the Wine and Cheese events, the Foundation reached the million dollar goal and redistributed the funds directly to the families.


For its 30th year of existence, the Foundation is redesigning its website and is proceeding with its name change: “Fondation des Ressources Alternatives du Sud-Ouest“. FRAS is planning a recognition evening and will celebrate the opening of the respite home in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. The team is working towards organizing a third fundraising activity in the region of Chateauguay.

A thousand words… For its 25th anniversary in 2009, the FRAS commissioned a work by Valleyfield artist, Ian Reid Langevin.

Entitled tricoté serré [tight-knit], the painting represents the FRAS and depicts four smiling and happy people, each one interacting with each other and creating a human chain of mutual cooperation by linking their arms. The bodies, like tree trunks, suggest the sense of solidarity and support that the FRAS provides.

Vibrant and luminous, the colours evoke the concepts of cooperation and happiness and a bright future.

Tricoté serré par Ian Reid Langevin

Notre Logo - FRAS Logo

With the creation of its new website, the FRAS also introduced a new logo. Inspired by Ian Reid Langevin’s work, the logo is meant to represent the organization’s clientele. The colours are those of autism and multiculturalism. The frame surrounding the characters is like a window open on the world.